#13147 Features for driving with empty tank

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From @martin rossy 17.05.2019, 06:57
I would like to suggest the following features when driving with an empty tank:
- Reduced speed to be adjustable for each car:
- Option to continue counting rounds.
Thank your for your support.
#1 From @oj 22.05.2019, 15:21
Good idea
#2 From @smartrace 07.07.2019, 13:06 Owner
Hey Martin,

this is not possible. The CU doesn't count any more laps for cars with empty tank which is why SmartRace doesn't receive any information about a car which finished a lap with empty tank and can't react to it.

For the second thing, this would be possible, but severely complex. There are a lot of issues right now with newer firmwares (newer than 5336) and dynamically changing the speed, because the affected car has to be stopped for this in order to work correctly (which is an unbearable inconvenience for most people).

I'm sorry to say that I'm thus not able to implement any of your suggestions.


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