#13148 Interaction with Carrera devices and voice change

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From @rjrguy1 21.05.2019, 15:23
I have no accessibility option in settings>common to change voice. Also my Carrera driver displays and timing tower seem disabled when using the app?
#1 From @rjrguy1 23.05.2019, 13:08
Any feedback?
#2 From @smartrace 25.05.2019, 07:13 Owner
Hey Richard,

I'm very sorry, I somehow missed this request.

Regarding the first issue: I suppose you're using Android. Which version are you running? Perhaps the voice setting is in another area for your version.

For the second thing: this is actually a limitation of the Control Unit as far as I know. It doesn't allow to use AppConnect and the driver displays/timing tower in parallel. The behavior should be the same no matter which app you're using: as soon as you connect Android, the other devices get disabled. I don't know why they did that though.

#3 From @rjrguy1 08.07.2019, 12:17
Thanks Marc. I am using IOS on Iphone7. Still can't locate the voice setting. second issue-understood, thanks.
Also, is there a way to cast Smart Race to a TV using Chrome cast? I would love to have this on a bigger screen. Thanks again.
#4 From @smartrace 08.07.2019, 14:24 Owner
Hey Richard,

I just checked my iPad and tried to locate the settings. For me, its in Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. If you enable "Speak Selection", there will be more options available, such as changing the speed or the voice. Can you please try that?

For the casting, I doubt that Apple allows for using anything else than AppleTV via AirPlay, but I didn't try anything else, so I honestly don't know.

#5 From @rjrguy1 08.07.2019, 14:39
Hi Marc, When i choose settings it gives options of Common, Driving, Race Screen and Sounds. No General. I do not see Accessibility anywhere in my version.
Not sure why mine is different. Should I delete and re-load from cloud?
#6 From @smartrace 08.07.2019, 14:43 Owner
Hi Richard, I'm sorry, I was referring to the settings of iOS, not SmartRace. I should clarify that in the help article aswell I guess... :-(

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