#13155 Control tower integration

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From @svtmountie03 03.06.2019, 13:06
Good day,
Firstly, awesome app! Much better than the factory one. I have however encountered one issue. When using the app, as the cars finish the race, their corresponding numbers on the control tower do not flash. The racers like to see who has finished the race by looking at the tower and seeing the numbers flash. Can this be addressed via programming or is it a hardware issue?
Thank you,
#1 From @smartrace 03.06.2019, 13:54 Owner
Hey Michael,

thanks for your request! To be honest, I didn't even know this feature of the control tower :-D

Anyway, since Carrera doesn't publish the Control Units protocol/API, it will be very hard to find out how to send the proper command to the tower in order to have it flashing single positions. I will try anyway and let you know if I succeed. If you're ok with it, I'd still close this ticket and re-open if once I've found a solution.


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