#13158 Smart Race Is Not Connecting To The Control Unit.

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From @asjzunino 06.08.2019, 02:25
I have been enjoying the Smart Race app for a long time with no issues. This past week, I had to get a new control unit because something became defective on my original one. Once I installed the new Control Unit, the Smart Race app stopped working. Nothing else has changed expect the Control Unit. It gives me an IP address to enter but where do I enter it into my iPhone? You may have to talk to me like I am a five-year old about this. ;-)

#1 From @smartrace 06.08.2019, 08:04 Owner
Hey Andrew,

I'm a little confused to be honest. The IP adress is something which is only needed for connecting multiple devices to SmartRace through SmartRace Connect. It's not needed to connect SmartRace to your Control Unit.

Did you follow the steps outlined here? https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/trouble-shooting/no-connection/


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