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From @racingline 08.08.2019, 22:56
I tried to correct the issue with the pit stop counting laps and that solution did not seem to work. I have 2 pit-stops areas in the track with the proper pit stop tracks in place as it is a long track.

They both work as pit-stops but both are counting laps when you go through them. The fix of holding down the speed button did not make a difference.

Any suggestions?
#1 From @racingline 08.08.2019, 23:31
I just did some further testing and the lap box on the far right of the car display shows the right number of laps, but the main counter in the center area is showing the laps counted with the pit stop laps added as well and that is what is being used to determine when the race is over.
#2 From @smartrace 09.08.2019, 06:02 Owner
Hey John,

there is no other way to disable the lap counting in the pit lane and it's the way how all users do it. I can guarantee you that it works as described and I want to encourage you to try again until it works. Maybe you missed something in the process, so please make sure to carefully read the manual and follow all steps exactly as described there.

For the box on the far right: this is actually counting the pit stops :-)

#3 From @racingline 09.08.2019, 13:02
Hi Marc,

Thanks for info. I will try again, but it seems like you are saying in your instructions that you should have to push the start/enter to exit the process after confirming the process by driving over the pit stop lane. I do not get to do that as once the one led is lit, very soon thereafter all the lights start to flash and it goes back into regular race mode. Do I need to try this without the Smartrace app connected to the control unit as I was trying it with the app connected?


I forgot the box indicating pit stops
#4 From @smartrace 09.08.2019, 13:15 Owner
Hey John,

I'm not sure whats happening there, but maybe you want to check out the user manual of the Control Unit to make sure I don't have any translation error in my own manual: http://www.lightningspeedway.com/CAR30352Manual.pdf

On page 10 of the PDF you'll find "Extended Pit Lane function", which holds a description of how to disable the lap counting. I took it from there, but maybe I have an error (in which case I'd be happy to know which one :-)).


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