#13161 After timed racing is completed ?s

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From @jaybo 11.08.2019, 17:57
Is it possible to make the add and subtract laps option avaiable after a race has finished ?
Also is there any way to show which car was the last car counted when the track power stops. I know a checkard flag will show up but it does not stay on the screen after a race ends .

#1 From @smartrace 04.09.2019, 18:14 Owner
Hey Jason,

no, this is not planned yet. The whole process of determining the winner is based on the driven laps, so I can't see how it would make sense to change the laps after the race has ended. I understand that there might be cases where it would be useful to do this, but it would cause a lot of trouble, which is why I won't integrate it. Sorry!


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