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From @teck0809 17.08.2019, 17:45

I just bought the Connect Add On and I cant seem to be able to connect to the server (either IPad or IPhone) with many Phones. When I start a server the server says the manual IP is 0.0.0:49187 (the back number changes every time. I can’t seem to get it to work. Is there any way to change this? It would be a shame..

Best regards,
#1 From @smartrace 17.08.2019, 19:00 Owner
Hey Yannic,

Thanks for your mail. This is actually a known (yet unresolved) issue on some iOS devices. Please have a look at this article from the trouble shooting section of the SmartRace online manual: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/trouble-shooting/smartrace-connect-connection-cant-be-established-on-ios-ip-0-0-0-0/

Please let me know if that helped.

#2 From @teck0809 18.08.2019, 13:01
Thanks for your fast reply, but this didn’t help at all. I have even tried to remove the IPad from my router entirely.

We played around a bit yesterday and when trying to change the Championship settings (the add on which I accidentally bought but don’t regret at all) keeps freezing after a few seconds and I’m having to restart the game or wait a long time. The only button that I’m able to press when it freezes is the save button which reminds me of not having added all things yet. Should I make a new issue for this or is this also a known issue that’s not resolved yet?

Im willing to help out and give you all the details about my problem to help improve this wonderful app. So if u want me to send you a video of the problems/and or a cache log or something tell me how and I’ll help!

#3 From @smartrace 19.08.2019, 09:18 Owner
Hey Yannic,

just to be sure: did you follow these steps?

- disconnect from the wifi (on the SmartRace main device, not the SmartRace Connect devices) and delete the wifi from the list of known wifis
- reconnect to the wifi
- restart the SmartRace Connect server on the main device

For the other thing you mentioned: yes, please open another issue for this and try to describe it as best as possible (including information on how to reproduce it it possible). If you even could add a video of the behavior, this would be awesome.


#4 From @teck0809 21.08.2019, 22:25
Yes I have followed the steps and tried it a few times and does not work. Is there anything else I can try?
#5 From @smartrace 22.08.2019, 12:59 Owner
Well, there is a way to see the correct IP address directly in the iOS settings. Just go to Settings > Wifi and click the little "i" icon next to the wifi you're connected to. This should reveal the ip address. Start the SmartRace connect server (if you haven't already) and use this IP to connect your other devices to your server device (+ the port number displayed on the SmartRace Connect screen (separated by the colon)).

Please let me know if that worked.
#6 From @smartrace 29.08.2019, 09:40 Owner
Did that help?

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