#13191 Drop down menues are not working on my samsung tablet

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From @jaybo 26.10.2019, 21:16
Drop down menues are not working on my samsung tablet 9 with android 9. The menu tabs work but not the drop downs with this new update. The new updates work fine with my samsung j7 phone running Android 8.1.0
#1 From @smartrace 27.10.2019, 11:22 Owner
Hey Jason,

to which of the three apps are you referring? I would guess SmartRace for Carrera Digital?

Does this issue occur for all drop down menues in the entire app? Or only to some?

#2 From @jaybo 27.10.2019, 14:05
Yes the carrera race app. The issue occurs for all of the dropdown menus in the carrera app. I cannot change any of the sttings but i can open menu tabs
Thnxz jaybo
#3 From @smartrace 28.10.2019, 08:56 Owner
Hey Jaybo,

I'm currently not able to reproduce this issue on either of my devices. Could you please make a screenshot of the Help & Support screen (which shows device and version information)? Thanks!

Does it help if you press the drop down for a longer time instead of just tapping it briefly?

#4 From @jaybo 28.10.2019, 22:18
Long press does not help
#5 From @jaybo 28.10.2019, 22:34
I just downloaded smartrace connect on the same tablet and it is issue free
#6 From @smartrace 29.10.2019, 05:46 Owner
Hey Jason,

thats very strange. Could you please create a backup in SmartRace (and make sure to export it to another location, e.g. Dropbox) and re-install the app?

#7 From @jaybo 29.10.2019, 20:13
Ok so today i uninstalled the program again for the 3rd or 4th time. Then restarted my tablet before reinstalling the program and now it works. All of the pictures for cars tracks and drivers are gone but the driver names and cars and track info is still there. Does this sound right after a uninstall ? Thnxz for the help and hopefully this does not happen again.
#8 From @jaybo 29.10.2019, 20:55
All info is back and everything seems to be working well. One question tho What does the light bulb icon do in the smart race connect app ?
#9 From @smartrace 29.10.2019, 21:14 Owner
Hey Jason,

glad to read its working fine again.

Did you create the backup before uninstalling and were there any errors when you restored the backup after installing the app again? The backup file should contain all the driver/car/track images, so they should be there again after restoring.

For the light bulb: this triggers the headlight flasher of your car (if there are any :-))

#10 From @jaybo 29.10.2019, 22:44
I did try to do a backup with dropbox and im not really sure if i did it correctly. Lol i did get a version to install using it but i still had the same issues . Thats when i did the uninstall again. Thnxz again for the help
#11 From @jaybo 31.10.2019, 14:28
New issues .... smartrace carrera is countinv extra laps during a race and also in practice mode. I have had it count laps with no cars even moving. Up until this version i have never had a missed lap or a xtra lap counted.
#12 From @smartrace 01.11.2019, 08:19 Owner
Hey Jason,

did you have this issue ever before? Do you have maybe neon lights mounted to the ceiling in your Carrera room? These can cause issues with the sensors built into the track.


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