#13211 6 second stoppage with weather changes

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From @rem717 07.12.2019, 14:47
Hi Marc,
Looking for some clarity/understanding related to the weather features. When switching to rain or back to dry conditions, SmartRace will announce the change, then all cars stop for a 6 second countdown and then the cars resume with the adjusted weather appropriate settings. Why must the cars come to a stop for the 6 seconds? For other vehicle setting changes, VSC or Damages, the cars smoothly, without stopping, adjust to the revised speed and brake settings. I have version 3.11.2 of SmartRace, Control Unit version 5337 running on a Galaxy Tab 10A android version 8.1.0.

Really enjoy SmartRace and the App Connect. The features you have added bring fun, interest and strategy to the hobby. Great work!

In addition to the weather transitions being smoother, like VSC and Damages... I would like to see the ability to engage VSC from App Connect.

#1 From @smartrace 09.12.2019, 08:13 Owner
Hi Ross,

thanks for your message!

For the stoppage: there is currently some changing going on. The original idea behind this stoppage was that firmware 5337 supposedly doesn't handle speed/brake changes correctly under movement of the cars, which is why I implemented it like this. But now it turns out that applying the changed values does not work under different circumstances, regardless of the firmware version. This is why I didn't add the stoppage time for the VSC feature and it still seems to work correctly for most users.

Long story short: I will probably add some changes to this during the next months, making the stoppage configurable at least. Please bear with me a little longer on this. :-)

There is something coming to SmartRace Connect which is called the "Race Manager Screen". This will not only allow for controlling the VSC, but also to apply penalties, starting/stopping the event and maybe more. This is scheduled for Q1/2020.

#2 From @rem717 09.12.2019, 12:16
Thanks for the response and update on work in progress. Looking forward to the new features. Again, I really enjoy SmartRace. Fun features and easy to use, great work!
#3 From @smartrace 09.12.2019, 13:04 Owner
Hey Ross,

you're welcome :-) Please let me know anytime if you experience any (more) issues.


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