#13215 SmartRace connect doesn’t connect to server

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From @pir3lly 20.12.2019, 12:30
Today I bought the smartrace connect plugin for smartrace. It's running on an iPad with ios 13.x
I downloaded the free smartrace connect app on my Galaxy S9, running android 9.
After I try to connect via scanning the qr code, it comes with two errors:
-The server has closed the connection.
-There was an error communicating with the server. pleasy try reconnecting.

Both devices are connected to the same router (which is in AP-mode and connected to the main router downstairs via cable) on the same 5Ghz wifi network.
I can't establish a working connection.
Are there any troubleshouting tips I could try?
Many thanks.
#1 From @smartrace 20.12.2019, 13:51 Owner
Hey Telly,

since you're running the server on an iOS device, could you please check this article? https://www.smartrace.de/anleitung/hilfe-bei-problemen/smartrace-connect-verbindung-kann-unter-ios-nicht-hergestellt-werden-ip-0-0-0-0/

Please let me know if this helped.

#3 From @pir3lly 20.12.2019, 14:02
Thanks for your answer. German is not a problem, I can speak and read it fine, just not write....

I checked it, but the ip it tries to connect to is listed as
#4 From @smartrace 20.12.2019, 14:06 Owner
Okay, thanks, then there is a different issue.

Do you happen to know whether your devices are allowed to communicate with each other? Usually there is a setting on either the AP or the main router (which is responsible for the DHCP I assume) for this (maybe somehow labeled as "fencing" or something like this). Could you check this?

Also you could try connecting both devices directly to the main router and see if this changes anything.

#5 From @pir3lly 20.12.2019, 14:40
Ok, I just connected both my devices to the main router (asus AX88U) and this worked right away. Only problem is that the wireless coverage is not good enough to use this (I had to go down one level in the house to get it working).

So, I guess I have to find some setting in the AP router (AC86U) that's blocking the connection... Only thing I could find is AP isolation, but that is switched off.
Or is this not going to work on an AP router anyway?
#6 From @smartrace 20.12.2019, 14:53 Owner
Great to read that its working with the main router. I honestly don't know whether using an AP could be an issue itself. I would think that it depends on the AP (and the software it is running). But my knowledge ends there :-(
#7 From @smartrace 20.12.2019, 14:54 Owner
What you could do though is use an old router which you don't need anymore and use it solely for this purpose. It doesn't have to be connected to the internet, so you could use it for SmartRace Connect only. This is actually how I do it myself.
#8 From @pir3lly 20.12.2019, 15:07
Hmm, that would be a sollution, but not really the one I'm looking for. I have to somehow get this to work...
#9 From @pir3lly 20.12.2019, 15:44
Found the solution.
I had to enable IGMP Snooping on the AP in the wireless professional settings. Now I can even connect if the devices are on a different router in the same network.
#10 From @smartrace 20.12.2019, 18:07 Owner
Great news! Thanks a lot for letting me know how you solved it. I immediately added this information to the knowledge base: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/smartrace-connect-connect-a-device/

#11 From @pir3lly 20.12.2019, 18:15
Excellent! Maybe add that this is a solution for connection problems when connecting to a router, configured as an access point.
But it could help some people.

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