#13217 Polish translations for app interface and voice

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From @witold.gren 25.12.2019, 22:27
Hi everyone, this app is amazing. But for my son is little hard to understand different language (he is still young). Do you have a plan to translate this app in another language (it mean app interface and voice)? If you need extra help to translate some words or sentence I will help for free
#1 From @smartrace 25.12.2019, 22:48 Owner
Hi Witold,

thanks for your mail! Actually the polish translation is already complete, but has not been integrated yet. I plan on releasing a new version in January which contains the translations.

All the best to you and your son!

#2 From @smartrace 09.01.2020, 14:38 Owner
Added, release coming soon.
#3 From @witold-gren 09.01.2020, 16:40
Thank you very much and I am waiting for release

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