#13232 Ghost car

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From @carl 05.01.2020, 04:12
Hi, if I use more than one ghost car, all the cars are appearing as one. So I cannot have a race because the 3 ghost cars are doing 3 times fastest the race. Is it possible to show the 3 ghost cars separately on the screen. And I bought the weather application, is it normal that it stop the race when there is a warning. Is it possible not to stop for that action, thank you and have a noce day.
#1 From @smartrace 05.01.2020, 06:56 Owner
Hi Carl,

this is actually a limitation of the Control Unit, which tracks all ghost cars as controller ID 7, which makes it impossible for SmartRace to distinguish between them. There is unfortunately no way around that. What you could do though is to use another AI car as Safety car (ID 8) and let it race with you. This way you can at least have 2 AI cars racing with you.

Hope that helps.


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