#13237 Time of the first lap.

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From @sotinauj 12.01.2020, 15:38

When i start a time trial or race, the time of the fisrt lap is wrong.
For exemple the first is 56:34.638. The second and the other are around 00:02.701.

I have an other problem, cars stop without reason after they have crossed the finish line. It is one after the other but not at the same time.

Have you ever seen these problems?

I buy SmartRace GO Plus on Ipad.

#1 From @sotinauj 12.01.2020, 16:19
In fact i thing cars stop because the minigame start !!!
When a play with the "Carrera Go plus", cars stop and minigame start. OK my son like that.
But when we play with "Smart RaceGo plus", car stop again... :( I thought that application does not launch the games !
#2 From @smartrace 13.01.2020, 06:29 Owner
Hi Jean,

I'll look into the issue with the first lap time, thanks for reporting this.

For the cars stopping: This is unavoidable, because it is controlled by the track. SmartRace can't influence it. You just have to stop, release the controller for a brief moment and then you can go again.

#3 From @sotinauj 13.01.2020, 07:44
Hi. Thanks for your reply.
Ok for cars stopping.I hope that the random stops do not disturb race too much.

For the time of laps, i have got some wrong time equal too 00:00:090.
#4 From @smartrace 13.01.2020, 09:50 Owner
Hey Jean,

does this only happen on the first lap or on later laps, too?

#5 From @sotinauj 13.01.2020, 10:18
Only on the first lap for the bug with the huge time.

During race, time is correct. But there is some laps at 00:00.9 during the race..
#6 From @smartrace 13.01.2020, 14:58 Owner
Okay, I see. Could you please send me a screenshot of such lap times, so I can see if anything grabs my attention (like a scheme of when it happens or something like this)? Thanks!
#7 From @sotinauj 13.01.2020, 20:01
Here a some picture. You can see that the first time is always wrong (15:24 ; 13:16 ..), lots of bad time like (0:00.451 ; 0:00,882) and time when cars stop (0:13 ; 0:10).

#8 From @smartrace 15.01.2020, 17:42 Owner
Thanks, I tracked the issues down and fixed them, patch is coming soon.
#9 From @sotinauj 15.01.2020, 18:08
Great news.!

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