#13239 Can’t seem to get rid of yellow flag

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From @bricks56 17.01.2020, 18:37
Hi, in the SmartRace app every lap says invalid lap and I have a yellow flag next to my name that won’t go away. Been like this since I updated the control unit.

Track I’m using is a digital wireless.


#1 From @bricks56 17.01.2020, 23:39
Got to work by uninstalling then reinstalling
#2 From @smartrace 18.01.2020, 07:59 Owner
Hey Jackie,

the invalid lap comes from the settings for minimum or maximum lap time in the track database. I'd assume that you set either (or both) of these times, which will lead to invalid lap times. The minimum time is there to avoid lap times which are too short (e.g. when a car has crashed and you set it back onto the track right before the finish line. The max lap time is there to avoid lap times which are too slow.

The little flag next to your name means that you crossed the finish line. You can disable it under Settings > Race Screen > Display an indicator when the line is crossed?

The yellow background behind the flag is the color you have configured in "Controller Colors" in the main menu.

Hope that helps.


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