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From @jabraham 18.01.2020, 15:16
Hello, I have one issue and two suggestions. A friend of mine is using a Apple Ipad to control the race App. The Carrera Lap Counter Tower displays the correct positions and laps, the race App does not. It keeps losing track of positions and laps. Is there a update for this issue?
Also, when the race is finished the Position Tower automatically resets to zero. I would like to see the positions displayed until a new race is started.
I race by myself a lot, so I would like to be able run more autonomous cars other than just a Pace Car and Ghost Car. I hope this is possible. The more cars I can have on the track, all the better.

Thanks for the great race program!
Jim A.
#1 From @smartrace 18.01.2020, 22:13 Owner
Hi Jim,

I'm not sure if I understand the issue(s) correctly. Would it be possible for you to create a video of the faulty behavior and share it with me? That would be very helpful.

For the autonomous cars: This is unfortunately a limitation of the Control Unit. It counts all AC on the same controller ID (7), so there is no way to distinguish them on the software side.

#2 From @jabraham 19.01.2020, 11:31
I will try to explain the problem better. It may seem like to you that the cars are sideways across the Start/Finish track. The Start/ Finish is well placed on the layout were the cars are not sideways going across the pick up. The Smart Race App is not showing the correct number of completed laps. In a 50 lap race some cars will be 4 or 5 laps behind when we know that they should be on the lead lap. The incorrect lap count means the positions are not correct also. We know this because after close attention the Position Tower is correct. Some how the correct data from the Control Unit/AppConnect is not being sent to the Smart Race App. If you still pictures or a video it take a few days to get that to you. Could it be a faulty AppConnect unit?
Jim A.
#3 From @smartrace 19.01.2020, 21:35 Owner
Hey Jim,

technically this is rather impossible, because SmartRace is actually sending the laps to the position tower, it doesn't display them on its own. But - of course - there can always be a bug. So, yes, I would still ask you to make a video where this happens so I can have a closer look. I currently don't think this is a faulty AppConnect or Control Unit, but you never know.

Thanks a lot!

#4 From @jabraham 20.01.2020, 11:36
If the AppConnect is sending the same information to the position tower and ipad, with the position tower displaying the correct information, then the problem maybe with the ipad not processing all of the data sent to it. Could this be what's happening? It will take me about 5 days or so to get a video, I will can post it on YouTube and send you a link.
Thanks for all the help, Jim.
#5 From @smartrace 20.01.2020, 14:03 Owner
No, sorry, it's the other way around: AppConnect sends the data only to SmartRace. SmartRace processes it and sends it to the position tower. So from my current point of view there is no way that the data displayed on the position tower differs from the data in SmartRace. But, as I said, there might be a bug that I'm not aware of.

The video will be a great help, looking forward to it. Thanks for your effort!

#6 From @jabraham 24.01.2020, 22:34
Marc, the video has a bad light reflection across the screen but you should be able to see what is happening. The driver assignments are #1 Red JJ, #2 Blue Hot Rod, #3 Red Jimmy Rush, #4 Yellow Dutchie. The other two cars are the pace car and ghost car. Half way into the 50 lap race you can see where the ipad and tower are starting to get out of sync. At times we have races with no problems.
Also what is the debug for in the program, is this used?
Hope the video helps.
#7 From @jabraham 25.01.2020, 00:19
I thought you may want to look the settings, so I attached the SmartRace Backup.
#8 From @smartrace 25.01.2020, 12:31 Owner
Hey Jim,

thanks for your effort, but honestly this video is not very helpful. Due to the light reflections it is really hard (or impossible) to see the laps for each driver. Also, the lap display on the position tower is cut off on the top, so I only see the positions. But as far as I understood, this ticket is about the laps not being displayed correctly on the tower, so this would be the most important part, right?

#9 From @jabraham 25.01.2020, 14:09
I will try to get a better video. The SmartRace App positions and Tower positions are not matching. Stop the video about 1 minute in and you may see this. I think the tower is showing the correct positions.
#10 From @jabraham 27.01.2020, 13:44
Hi Marc, I was unable to get a video over the weekend. This week I will be leaving on vacation for 2 weeks. I will not be able to get a better video for about 3 weeks.
Thanks for patience.
#11 From @smartrace 10.02.2020, 16:21 Owner
Hey Jim, any news on the video?
#12 From @jabraham 11.02.2020, 12:47
I returned from vacation late yesterday. Hopefully I can record a video this week.
#13 From @jabraham 12.02.2020, 13:03
Hi Marc, we were able to race yesterday without any problems, the difference was the amount of cars on the track. We usually race with 6 or more cars on the track, yesterday we raced with 5 and everything worked great. So the problem maybe with the processor speed on the ipad or bluetooth connection, either one I doubt has an easy fix. Racing with 5 cars is fine with me, and I think at this point the file can closed. You and Carrera make slot car racing fun! We usually race once a week for about 4 hours.
Thank You,
Jim A.
#14 From @smartrace 12.02.2020, 13:21 Owner
Hey Jim,

hope you had a nice vacation :-)

Thanks for the update and happy to read that it worked fine. Please feel free to re-open this issue anytime you experience something similar again.


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