#13252 Add Czech Overvoice

Closed Created by @zdprikryl@seznam.cz - 2 comments

From @zdprikryl@seznam.cz 14.02.2020, 13:36
Hi I'd like to add Czech overvoice. I'm voloutering to do it, I just need to know in which format the sounds should be and which sentences I should do.

Thanks and best regards.
#1 From @smartrace 14.02.2020, 15:08 Owner
Hey Zdenek, the Czech voice overs are part of the regular translation process, in which you can take part over at https://www.transifex.com/smartrace/smartrace/App/

Thanks for volunteering! :-)
#2 From @zdprikrylseznam-cz 15.02.2020, 14:19
I just requested the access to the translation/voiceover at the transifex. I'll start working on at when I'm approved.

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