#13275 Power shut off

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From @rlarren4938@gmail.com 22.03.2020, 23:18
I would like the power to shut off after the race, but that isn't happening
#1 From @smartrace 23.03.2020, 08:44 Owner
Hey Rick,

did you pick the relevant option from the settings dialog in SmartRace? There is a setting under "Driving" to configure that.

#2 From @rlarren4938gmail-com 03.04.2020, 13:33
Which option is the relevant one?
#3 From @smartrace 03.04.2020, 13:35 Owner
Settings > Driving > Disable track after event end? > "yes"

Hope thats helps :-)
#4 From @rlarren4938gmail-com 03.04.2020, 13:36
Which option will give me the power shut off after the race?
#5 From @rlarren4938gmail-com 03.04.2020, 13:38
I don't see that option listed under driving Will try again.
#6 From @rlarren4938gmail-com 03.04.2020, 14:40
I found it! I needed to scroll down. Thank You!
#7 From @rlarren4938gmail-com 03.04.2020, 14:41
Problem solved.

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