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From @Gnu2478 15.06.2020, 13:12

Hi. Just downloaded and used the app for the first time. I am not seeing any type of fuel  remaining or fuel usage display. I thought this was one of the functions.  Am I perhaps doing something wrong.  Thank you.

#1 From @smartrace 15.06.2020, 14:08 Owner

Hi there,

please have a look at this article from the troubleshooting section of smartrace.de: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/trouble-shooting/fuel-bar-doesnt-show-up-or-stays-at-0/

Please let me know if that helped.


#2 From @smartrace 16.06.2020, 08:55 Owner

Feel free to re-open if the issue persists.


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#3 From @gnu2478 16.06.2020, 12:23

Thank you Marc. Those steps did not work but I was able to get the fuel gauge to function by changing the fuel option on the controller to real then back to the on setting. Thanjs again for the reply. You have developed a nice product.  

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