#13537 New feature – spoken name for car

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From @cadman0421 21.06.2020, 03:35

Include a spoken name for the car ( based on assignment) that works with the spoken name of the driver, along with a connection verbiage. This will allow " Smith in the Gulf Porsche 917" to be spoken, with "Smith" being the spoken name for the driver, "Gulf Porsche 917" being the spoken name of the car, and " in the" being the connection verbiage. This would allow assignments to announce who and what car. Experiments doing this using " Smith in the Gulf Porsche 917" as the spoken driver name only work very well and add tremendous engagement of both drivers and spectators. However, a change in a driver-car relationship require editing the spoken driver name to reflect the new car. Excellent product by the way, I am a big fan of SmartRace!!

#1 From @smartrace 18.09.2020, 08:39 Owner

Hi there,

thanks for adding this idea. Unfortunately it wasn't supported by any other users. I myself understand the request, but I currently feel that it would not be used by many people, as you would usually try to keep the announcements as short as possible. I understand that the workaround that you're using is not perfect, but at least you can do it without having it implemented as a separate feature. :-)


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#2 From @cadman0421 18.09.2020, 10:43
Thank you, and I understand. Highly value the platform!!

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