#13584 Speed is not modified during empty gas or wrong tires

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From @bayard 03.08.2020, 17:37

Dear Support, do you have maybe an idea whats happening - I have the Weather addon and it works fine on UI, you can change tires etc, but when you have the wrong tires on, there is no speed reduction. I have reduced the speed to 20% in the setting, but no luck, cars go around with the same speed.

Same thing happens with the gas, if its empty, it goes around without counting the laps, but still the same speed.  

#1 From @smartrace 04.08.2020, 08:34 Owner

Hey @bayard - I don't know exactly what is going wrong there, but my best guess is that you're seeing this behavior only with cars of the 2019/2020 generation, which happen to have a newer (and partially faulty) digital decoder built in. Is this the case? Or does it happen also for cars which are older?


#2 From @bayard 11.08.2020, 09:43
Thanks Marc - I did some research and unfortunately it seems you are right, it is a Carrera issue. Thank you for your help!
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