#13896 Car lapcount incorrect.

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From @jabraham 23.10.2020, 17:02

Just installed the new update and the cars are not counting laps correctly. Mostly missing laps. Everything was fine prior to this. What could have happened, two other people are having the same problem.


Jim A.

#1 From @smartrace 23.10.2020, 18:29 Owner

Hey Jim,

that sounds strange. Can you please share some details on the device that youre using for SmartRace (name, android version)?

And could you please share a video of the faulty behavior? That would be very helpful.


#2 From @jabraham 23.10.2020, 20:52
Marc, For running the race program I am using a Chromebook on Android 9.0, SmartRace version 3.15.2. Previously I could run 7 cars and all counted correctly. Watching when a car crosses the start finish line it takes awhile before the lap shows up on the screen, almost like the program is falling behind until it completely misses a lap. I have backups created, would it help to restore a backup file.Jim     
#3 From @jabraham 23.10.2020, 20:53
Is it possible to remove the updates?
#4 From @jabraham 23.10.2020, 22:00
With 4 cars on the track, each car has the correct lap count. When I go to 5 cars is when I start to see the problem. I tried resetting the control until and a backup file, this did not help.I have 2 friends that are having the same problem on their tracks. They are using ipads version 14.1.
#5 From @jabraham 23.10.2020, 22:18
Marc,Is it possible to go back to version 3.14.0?
#6 From @smartrace 23.10.2020, 22:55 Owner

No, there is unfortunately no way to revert updates on mobile platforms, unless you want to restore the whole device from a system backup.

Can you confirm that these issues only occur once you exceed 4 drivers? Is this also confirmed for your friends who have the same issue?

#7 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 01:32
Yes, I counted the laps on one car as it crossed the Start/Finish line and watch the display screen. This how I verified the problem. I also watched this happen on one of my friends display.
#8 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 01:34
After reading some of the bug issues, I think the latest update has some problems.JIm
#9 From @smartrace 24.10.2020, 09:07 Owner

Hey Jim, which other issues are you referring to? And where did you read it?

I'll try to reproduce the issues you mentioned today and keep you posted on my findings. Sorry for the inconveniences, but I currently don't have any clue whats going on there.

#10 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 11:41
My lap times are about 4 secconds per lap. My friend with the ipad has a smaller track and lap times are about 2 sec or less. This may help in trying to reproduce the problem.
#11 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 11:50
#13857 is were I read about a count and refueling problem.
#12 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 16:37
Just to verify something wasn't wrong with my Chromebook, I used the old Carrera App and it counted the car laps correctly. This was with 6 cars on the track. Then I went back to SmartRace with 7 cars and had lots of trouble the car lap counts missing too many laps.
#13 From @smartrace 24.10.2020, 17:41 Owner

Just to try something: Could you please mute the sound in SmartRace from the quick menu and see if the issue remains? And could you please attach your support data from SmartRace to this ticket?

#14 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 19:37
Muting the sound helped. I can now run 4-5 cars without a problem. I need to spend a little more time running 6. Having trouble sending the file, too large.
#15 From @jabraham 24.10.2020, 19:41
Do you have a email address I can send it to? This may work.
#16 From @smartrace 24.10.2020, 19:42 Owner

Thanks for the update! So can you reproduce the issues once you unmute the sound and if you then mute it again everything runs smoothly?

Yes, please send the file to info@smartrace.de. Thanks!

#17 From @smartrace 24.10.2020, 19:43 Owner

And does the same workaround work for your friends who have the same issues?

#18 From @jabraham 25.10.2020, 07:39
No, they still have the problem.
#19 From @smartrace 25.10.2020, 10:08 Owner

Okay, could you please confirm, just to be sure:

  • muting the sound fixes the issues for you, but not for your friends (they have confirmed this)
  • unmuting the sound makes the issues come back (reproducibly)

Did you try sending me the support file? Just asking because nothing arrived yet.


#20 From @jabraham 25.10.2020, 11:04
Just resent the file.
#21 From @jabraham 25.10.2020, 11:09
I know for sure my friends are still having trouble (using iPads). One could only race 2 cars to get a corrrect lap count.I will run a few races today to confirm I reproduce the problem on my track.
#22 From @jabraham 25.10.2020, 11:54
Yes, muting the sound works with running up to 5 cars. Adding 6th car I noticed the display taking longer to update the laps and then it misses a lap.Are you finding anything out on your end?Did you get the file?
#23 From @jabraham 25.10.2020, 11:59
How long should it take to see a lap update? I'm not seeing a update until about a 1/2 lap, that's about 2 seconds.
#24 From @smartrace 25.10.2020, 13:48 Owner

The lap updates should happen immediately, so within some miliseconds I'd say. So there is definately a problem if it takes that long...

I received your backup file, thanks, I'll keep you posted about my progress on investigating the issue.

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#25 From @jabraham 25.10.2020, 14:25
Thanks Marc, I really appreciate you working this.Jim
#26 From @smartrace 26.10.2020, 14:44 Owner

Jim, I was finally able to track down the culprit - thank God, really.

The issues you and your friends were facing were caused by a certain command, which was send to the track each time a position update was triggered. This was done every time a car crossed the finish line - for all cars on track, which was not only wrong, but caused a serious load on the CU, causing exactly what you witnessed.

I think the reason why I didn't get more reports on this is that this was more likely to happen on either very short tracks (meaning that cars cross the line more frequently) or with many cars (like in your case). Most people seem to be using the app alone or with two drivers maybe.

I fixed the issue and immediately prepared an update, it is being checked by Google and Apple at this very moment and will hopefully be available later today or tomorrow. 

I'll let this ticket open until you confirm the issues are resolved on your end. Thanks again for helping me find the issue.


#27 From @jabraham 26.10.2020, 15:25
Wow! That's great! I have been trying many different things on my end. From from possible voltage drop to bluetooth transfer rate, and wifi 2.4 GHz interference with bluetooth. Looking forward to the update.Jim
#28 From @jabraham 27.10.2020, 13:32
Marc, I installed the new update on my Chromebook this morning and SmartRace is now running great! The update for iPads did not show up yet. I will keep you posted.Jim
#29 From @smartrace 28.10.2020, 14:41 Owner

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad its now working correctly again :-)

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