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From @Jerome1994 30.10.2020, 17:56

I am currently having trouble understanding how Teams work. I have figured out how to use championships and it gave me an idea. Is it possible to make championships so that it's not continuously counting points? For example. I have created a 100 lap championship. I would like to have a one time event saved into the championship, and then the next time we do that event a new winner gets added to that championship without adding points from the previous race. As for teams, sometimes I would like to have drivers pick a group of the same car : so team 1 driving ( Ferrari 488 GT3 ) vs team 2 driving ( audi r8s )... when ever the race is saved into the championship the teams are also saved. But when the drivers change teams - the team information from the previous event does not change. 

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#1 From @smartrace 22.01.2021, 09:49 Owner

Hey Jerome,

not sure if I understand your questions. From what I understood, I'd probably suggest to create multiple championships. Adding more races to one championship will always count the points up - I mean this is the whole point of championships, right? :-)


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#2 From @jerome1994 22.01.2021, 12:56
I plan to have a lot of slot car parties. And each party we conclude with a 24 minute Le Mans endurance race. At the end I see the results but the next time I have another slot car race and have the 2nd 24 minute Le Mans race the points are combined. It would be nice to see inside my Le Mans championship the individual winners from every party. I right now have to create a whole bunch of championships for the same 24 minute event. 

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