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From @Jerome1994 30.10.2020, 17:56

I am currently having trouble understanding how Teams work. I have figured out how to use championships and it gave me an idea. Is it possible to make championships so that it's not continuously counting points? For example. I have created a 100 lap championship. I would like to have a one time event saved into the championship, and then the next time we do that event a new winner gets added to that championship without adding points from the previous race. As for teams, sometimes I would like to have drivers pick a group of the same car : so team 1 driving ( Ferrari 488 GT3 ) vs team 2 driving ( audi r8s )... when ever the race is saved into the championship the teams are also saved. But when the drivers change teams - the team information from the previous event does not change. 

@carreradriver supports this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
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