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From @Gilles 04.12.2020, 21:52


I'm about to received my brand new Carrera Digital 124 set and I've discovered Smart Connect 2 days ago.

I'm about to purchase the app with some others add-on but I 've a small question about the tablet:

I'va an 8 Years old Ipad (Ipad 1 I supposed) with IOS 10.3.3.

I'm looking for a new tablet and I've found the Huawei MatePad with the EMUI 10.1  OS.

As I'm not a specialist of this kind of product, could you please confirm if I will be able to purchase Smart Race App from the Google store and use the app with this product?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


#1 From @smartrace 04.12.2020, 22:25 Owner

Hey Gilles,

well, you iPad 1 won't work. SmartRace requires at least iOS 11.

I'm not sure what EMUI is, but if it is Android, it will most probably work (at least Android 5.3 required).

Hope this helps.


#2 From @gilles 04.12.2020, 22:41
Hi Marc, Thanks for your reply.EMUI 10.1 is seems to be the new IOS for Huawei Devices such as tablet. The Google Play store looks not available from this system...wich is a shame.I've to find an other one.Ps: My smart Phone is the Samsung S5 : I suppose that it should be ok (even it is better to launch smart race from a tablet)Thanks again for your kind help. Gilles
#3 From @gilles 05.12.2020, 10:35
Hi,I 'll finally buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite wich using Android 10. Should be ok I supposed?
#4 From @smartrace 05.12.2020, 11:25 Owner

Yes, this should work perfectly. Please let me know your experiences once you get your hands on it :-)

#5 From @gilles 05.12.2020, 15:12
Thanks for your reply! I'll do it for sure! 
#6 From @gilles 18.12.2020, 23:27
Halo Marc,As i've received the new tablet , I bought Smart Race App and I've tested it, just a few:It works great (just needed to upgrade the firmware of the Control Unit from the Carrera App) Now I 've just to learn the Smart Race App.I'll certainly  purchased some add-onsThank you fort your great job 👍Best regards   
#7 From @smartrace 19.12.2020, 09:49 Owner

Great! Thanks for letting me know. Have a ton of tun with SmartRace :-)

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