#14062 Always get „SmartRace has stopped“ on Android tablet

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From @Bartzzimpson 12.12.2020, 13:25

SmartRace always crashes during Scanning for control unit.

I am running Android version 8.1.0 on Dragon Touch K10 tablet.

I can connect using Carrera Race app on the same tablet.

I can connect using SmartRace on iPhone.

#1 From @smartrace 14.12.2020, 10:21 Owner

Which version of SmartRace are you using?

#2 From @bartzzimpson 14.12.2020, 12:46
App info says 3.15.5   .Downloaded it from the Play Store just a few days ago. 
#3 From @smartrace 14.12.2020, 12:56 Owner

Ok, thats strange. Could you please try uninstalling SmartRace and installing it again? And please make sure to agree to any permission requests. Please let me know if that helped.

#4 From @bartzzimpson 14.12.2020, 20:59
Thanks. Reinstall seems to have fixed the problem. The only difference this time was that I allowed SmartRace to acces my location.
#5 From @smartrace 15.12.2020, 10:30 Owner

Ok, great, thanks for letting me know.

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