#14076 Add „number of ghost cars“

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From @Jayd 22.12.2020, 04:21

Perhaps add an option to specify the number of ghost cars being used.  Then divide the number of times any ghost car has crossed the line by the number of ghost cars used.  Basically average the laps across all ghost cars and display that average for i.d.7 ghost car.

Example- 5 ghost cars used.  Player completes one lap. Display shows one lap by player.  Currently, if 5 ghost cars cross it displays 5 laps for i.d.7.   Instead divide that by 5 ghost cars to display an average of 1 lap per ghost car.  It doesn't matter which ghost cars cross.  Any 5 ghost cars crossing makes 1 lap and that is displayed.

I borrowed this idea from Bruce Yingling's HSSRMS program for Carrera digital.

@carreradriver supports this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
#1 From @smartrace 22.12.2020, 07:11 Owner

Thanks, I'll evaluate this idea!

@smartrace closed this 22.01.2021, 14:19
#2 From @smartrace 22.01.2021, 14:19 Owner

This has now been added. You can now select in the race start dialog with how many ghost cars you're racing.

Configuring 5 ghost cars will mean that only every fifth lap will be counted for the ghost cars.

#3 From @rastertaster 14.02.2024, 15:36

Great feature. To have rush-our-like-traffic on the track, i often use more than one Ghost Car, but i can only assign only 1 Car to "Ghost" in the App.To keep track on usage of my cars (for number of laps / maintenance cycle), would be great to be able to assign more than one car as Ghost. (But only ghost should allow more than 1 car!)

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