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From @v-tec 31.12.2020, 17:20


I would like to export and send event details (result, laps, statistics, even ticker maybe) of an ended race to all racers via email in the same nice form as they are in the app (charts, colorful tables, etc.). PDF format would be perfect or at least some image format.

Now I am able to send only the "result" screen as PNG image or data in CSV file.

Thank you for such agreat app.

#1 From @v-tec 31.12.2020, 17:31
Maybe this is just part of the idea # 13343. In that case you can delete my post.
#2 From @smartrace 02.01.2021, 08:25 Owner

Hi there,

this feature is already available as part of the champions club. You can upload results to smartrace.de from the history screen. This will look like this then: https://www.smartrace.de/en/results/?share_id=690

You can then print or share it as you wish.


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