#14094 Cannot connect to SmartRace Connect

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From @Mdyyz 31.12.2020, 22:50

Hi, I recently subscribed to your service but I am unable to connect to SmartRace Connect from my iPhone XS.  SmartRace is running on my IPad. Same WiFi, connect via bluetooth, All iOS software is updated. SmartRace connects to my control unit and can run races etc.

Scanning the QR code registers but then hangs and after a while I get 2 red message boxes that say:

"ERROR: The server has closed the connection"

"ERROR: There was an error communicating with the server.  Please try reconnecting."

Entering the IP address manually or "reconnecting" causes the same error. Any suggestions?  Thank you.

#1 From @smartrace 02.01.2021, 08:24 Owner

Hi there,

just to be sure: did you make sure that both devices are on the same wifi network (which must not be a guest wifi)?


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