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From @Arnau 31.01.2021, 21:15

Dear support,

I recently installed version 1.0.2 in Android and connected it to my kid's carrera go plus and the application works quite well. But I see some issues I'd like to report:

1.- the first lap in every race/trainning is reporting a huge amount of time. minutes! (see attached CVS).

2.- in the race report the number of stops is not reported.

3.- min/max time per lap for a specifi track is ignored.

4.- Best track times is not shown in track info.

Also, I'd like tos ask if there is a way to confiure it so even if you have to pit stop the lap is conunted and not discarted.



#1 From @smartrace 12.02.2021, 17:40 Owner

Hi Arnau,

the first issue has been fixed, a new release is coming soon.

For the other issues:

  • The min/max time should work as expected. Did you actually put values into the track database and did you make sure to set the track as active in the options (in the "Driving" tab)?
  • Are you referring to track records? These would only be recorded if you have a car and a driver assigned in the assignment area of SmartRace GO Plus and, again, have a track selected as active in settings.


#2 From @arnau 14.02.2021, 17:57

Hi Marc,

thank for your answer.

Yes, that's exactly what I do (unit in ms). What I do not find is that "Driving" tab... but I make sure to choose the track at race time.Yes, the records are there in "track records", but looking at the track information they are not shown,.


What about the number of stops in race info?





#3 From @smartrace 16.02.2021, 15:03 Owner

Hi Arnau,

the pit stops are now counted correctly and will be displayed in the history information as expected. The udpate which contains this fix will be released shortly.

The min/max times are working for me. If I put values there, I get the expected error messages when driving slower or faster than allowed.


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