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From @David 17.02.2021, 15:40

I searched "sort" and "download" looking for how to sort cars by best lap time.  Is this feature available in Smartrace? 

#1 From @smartrace 17.02.2021, 17:49 Owner

Hi David,

I'm not sure if I understand your question. Where would you like to apply the sorting?


#2 From @david 17.02.2021, 19:55

Of the dozens of cars I've qualified, I'd like to sort them by fastest to slowest lap time.  I'm a home racer and would work on the car with the slowest lap to try to improve it's lap time.  

#3 From @david 17.02.2021, 20:05

By the way Marc, this is an absolutely wonderful app for the home racer - thanks sooo much!

Another option for the sort might be to be able to doload the data to EXCEL so that I sort on a variety of fields.  




#4 From @smartrace 18.02.2021, 07:48 Owner

Ah, I see. Well, for this you have the track records view. You just need to make sure to have an active track selected while driving, then track records will be saved. You can view them in the tracks view of SmartRace by picking a track and going to the "records" view there.

Hope this helps.

#5 From @david 18.02.2021, 18:45

Perfect- thanks!

#6 From @smartrace 19.02.2021, 10:24 Owner

You're welcome :-)

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