#14460 Automatic „Red Flag“ Add-on.

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From @Homeland_Raceway 19.02.2021, 14:09

Let's say drivers are running a race but there is no race steward available to manually assign the vsc or race marshalls to put back crashed cars on the track. During the race, when a car crashes the driver will therefore have to put the car back onto the track himself.

My idea is to have an automatic "Red Flag" event so drivers can return their car to the track and then resume racing without causing too big a disadvantage.


1) During the race, a car crashes. The driver releases the speed controller so no input is going to the car's decoder while the other drivers continue to race. After a set time has elapsed ( say adjustable between 2s - 30s), the track power cuts off trigerring a "Red Flag" event and all cars comes to a stop.

2) The Red Flag event is displayed on the race screen with a speech out put indicating which driver has crashed.

3) After the set time, (say 15 seconds) has elapsed, which gives the driver enough time to return the car to the track, the restart countdown will automatically restart the race.

4) If a car is in the pit lane for refuelling, tire change, penalty etc, when the race is "Red Flagged", it will be allowed to continue the function. However, it will not be capable of moving out of the pit lane until the race is restarted.

5) This Add-On idea can work together with the "Damages" Add-On however the "Damage" penalty must only be applied to driver who has crashed.

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I'm sorry, but this is not possible. There is no way to detect a crashed car on software side, as the track doesn't pass this information through. :-(

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