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From @Ruben 09.03.2021, 17:51


Via my iphone i can start a server and people can connect perfectly. 

Via my mac though, the server wont start. I am not getting a qr code to scan either. 

I'm probably overlooking something but can't quite find the problem. 

many thanks in advance!



#1 From @smartrace 10.03.2021, 08:36 Owner

Hi Ruben,

which version of SmartRace do you use on your Mac?


#2 From @ruben 10.03.2021, 09:07

Thanks for the quick reply!

I downloaded the app yesterday so i suppose it is the latest version.

Apart from the "start server", the app works great on it.

Many thanks!



#3 From @smartrace 10.03.2021, 10:00 Owner

Is there any error message once you click the "Start Server" button?

#4 From @ruben 10.03.2021, 10:52

No, i can click as much as i want without anything happening

#5 From @smartrace 10.03.2021, 11:00 Owner

Okay, I see. Thats very strange. Could you make a video for me to see whats going on? So how you open the SmartRace Connect dialog and click the button? Maybe I spot something helpful. Thanks!

#6 From @ruben 10.03.2021, 13:41

It seems that i can not upload a video/pictures because the files are to big. I'll try to explain in text.

1: I open the app on my mac

2: It connects to my track

3: I click "close" on the "whats new" pop up

4: I open "main menu"

5: I click on "smartrace connect" top left corner.

6: I click on "start server" 

But then the screen just stays there and i can click on "start server as many times if i want

Could this be a setting that does not allow my mac to send signal ? (or receive i'm not so great with this sort of things)

Again, many thanks!


#7 From @smartrace 10.03.2021, 18:37 Owner

Hm. I currently don't know what could be going on there. Which macOS version are you running on the mac and which mac is it exactly?

#8 From @smartrace 14.03.2021, 13:25 Owner

Any update on this, @ruben?

#9 From @ruben 15.03.2021, 08:13

I'm sorry for my late respons. 

My mac is from 2015, with mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

I haven't tried is again sinds my last post. I'll try again this evening en keep u posted on this issue.



#10 From @smartrace 17.03.2021, 09:42 Owner

Any news on this? :-)

#11 From @ruben 17.03.2021, 10:27

I tried various things to solve this issue, mostly searching for settings that would keep my mac from sending (or receiving) signal. unfortunately i did not yet found it.

In the end i changed my setup and just used a big monitor to follow the races.

I do find it important to point out that the function works great on all my mobile devices. I absolutely love the app and  find that smartrace is a big part of the fun on any slot car track.

It looks like my old mac just doesn't want to work with me :)

If i do find the solution, this page will be the first to know.



#12 From @smartrace 17.03.2021, 15:47 Owner

Okay, understood. Thanks for letting me know. If you happen to find anything, please feel free to re-open this issue :-)

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