#14553 Tuning and Saving the Brakes, Speed and Fuel

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  • To enable a driverto acess the 'Car Tuning' in the Main Menu to allow tuning of the Speed, Brakes and Fuel settings from SmartRace Connect
  • To allow the settings to be saved in the Smart Race app car database. 
@carreradriver supports this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
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Hi there,

I currently don't see this happening to be honest. Besides the fact that it has not been upvoted by any other user, I think there will be a lot of implications coming with this. Changing the brakes is the only thing which doesn't have a direct performance impact, meaning that it could destroy the balance between different cars. Brakes are the only parameter which is more a matter of personal preference, while changing the speed and fuel gives you a direct unfair advantage over other drivers. Also, there are situations (e.g. when the weather simulation is enabled) where the simulation would be broken if the speed is changed manually by a driver.

So long story short: I don't want to integrate this into SmartRace Connect. Hope for your understanding.


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