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From @Sb332 16.03.2021, 02:10

I'm not sure if this feature already exists, but is there a way to track multiple cars in one session? I race by myself and would like to run multiple cars one after the other and see which car has the fastest lap time, fastest average lap time, fastest race time, etc. I'm not sure if this is currently possible other than setting each car to a different controller, (currently I only have two controllers) so this doesn't work too well right now.

Would be great to set up a 30 lap race and be able to race one car at a time for 30 laps each and compare total time, fastest lap, average lap, etc. More like a race with multiple heats. All of the race settings would be the same for the duration of the race but you would change cars.

#1 From @smartrace 22.03.2021, 21:35 Owner

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to have a race per car. You save each race to the history and compare them afterwards. Should be pretty straight forward since you can just use the "repeat race" button after the race end to have another race with the exact same settings. You would only need to make sure to change the assignment (driver to car) accordingly.

Hope this helps.

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