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From @angboli 27.06.2021, 12:13

I am getting an error message when cars cross the check lanes, I have programed them but I always get a red pop up box with an saying it couldn't register the controller, how do I fix this? thanks

#1 From @smartrace 27.06.2021, 12:19 Owner

Hi there, what exactly does the red error box say? Marc

#2 From @angboli 27.06.2021, 13:03

Hi Marc, please see the attached photo with the message



#3 From @angboli 27.06.2021, 13:04

Hi Marc, please see the attached photo with the message.

Thank you.


#4 From @smartrace 28.06.2021, 12:52 Owner

Hey there,

this error means that the check lane has not been programmed correctly. Please refer to the check lanes manual in order to program it in the right order. You'll find the manual here: https://slotcardatenbank.de/set/30371_543/203676512.pdf


#5 From @angboli 28.06.2021, 14:17

Hi Marc, i have programmed over and over, using the manual, it was working at the start when I was using your app, and then something changed, when the cars go over, it makes a being sound, and when the cars pass over the check lanes the error message comes up, so it is definitely reading something, but somehow it isn't reading it correctly, I have changed the decoder type on the cars to see if that makes any difference but it ddn't.

#6 From @smartrace 01.07.2021, 11:17 Owner

Hi there,

eventually it could be that the check lane is defective, but I'd first suggest to unplug it, try without it and then re-plug it to the track. The error means that the check lane is installed correctly, but is has the wrong number. You can configure each checklane either as sector 1 or 2, and the error suggests that it is configured as sector 2.


#7 From @smartrace 05.07.2021, 16:00 Owner

Please feel free to re-open anytime if you have any more information on the issue.

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#8 From @angboli 06.07.2021, 11:30

Hi Marc, I have two sector sections, I have unprogrammed the Carrera box and have also done a re-set, some how smart race identifies the sector pieces, but for some reason, it doesn't record the times, it was working before, at the start of this year, then we hadn't used it for a while and when we started re-using it, it wasn't recording the sector times. Is there anything else you can suggest? thanks, angelo 

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#9 From @smartrace 06.07.2021, 12:10 Owner

Hi there,

is the error you mentioned still showing up or does SmartRace just not show the sector times? If the latter is the case, please make sure you enabled the displaying of the sector times in Settings > Race Screen > Display Sector Times.


#10 From @angboli 07.07.2021, 01:09

Hi Marc, the error is still coming up, when it was working properly, there was no option to choose decoders for cars, could this be an issue, and if so what setting should I have it on? thanks angelo

#11 From @smartrace 07.07.2021, 11:01 Owner

Hi Angelo,

no, the decoder selection is just for filtering in the car database, it doesn't have any futher influence. Could you please try to unplug the check lane and try another one? Maybe this one is faulty.


#12 From @angboli 08.07.2021, 11:21

Marc, i'll give that a go over the weekend, thanks angelo

#13 From @smartrace 14.07.2021, 17:16 Owner

Any news? :-)

#14 From @angboli 15.07.2021, 09:05

Marc, i haven't been able to check but I have re-downloaded the Carrera app, so I was planning on trying that app to see if it worked with that one, I'll keep you posted. thanks angelo

#15 From @angboli 17.07.2021, 05:01

Hi Marc, so I tried logging on with the Carrera app, with the Carrera app it shows all the three sectors, but it records all the sectors, in sector 2, and it doesn't record lap times so it records all the sectors under sector 2 but does not complete laps, in your app now it isn't recording any lap times or sectors when I connected the Carrera app it did an update to the control unit, is there a way to make certain that the control unit is on the current update? sorry for the inconvenince.

Thanks, angelo

#16 From @smartrace 17.07.2021, 09:32 Owner

Hey Angelo,

if you did the update through the Carrera App, it should have automatically updated to the latest firmware (which should be 339 right now as far as I know). So that should be fine.

Could you please try unplugging the check lane and see if the lap counting works correctly again in both apps?


#17 From @angboli 19.07.2021, 01:40

Hi Marc, i'll remove both check lanes and replace them with normal pieces and let you what happens. thanks angelo

#18 From @angboli 25.07.2021, 12:37

Hi Marc, i removed both check lanes and pde=programmed them from the control unit, with the Carrera app the timing was working, with your app the timing was also working, when I added one of the check lanes back in and programmed it, both apps were calculating the laps when the cars were crossing the check lane not the start finish line, it may be an issue with the controller, have you sen this before? Everything was working fine about 6 months ago, and then we hadn't used it for a while and now it's playing up, do you have any suggestions? thanks angelo


#19 From @smartrace 26.07.2021, 11:05 Owner

Hey Angelo,

for me this sounds as if the check lane is not configured correctly. If you're 100% sure this is not the case, I can only assume that it is faulty. 


#20 From @smartrace 09.08.2021, 09:45 Owner

Please feel free to re-open anytime if it turns out to be an issue with SmartRace.

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