#14989 Cars with empty fuel state cannot refuel when they return to pit lane

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From @rexcadral 31.07.2021, 02:45

During a race, if a car runs out of fuel on the track and they return to the pit, the car remains in "empty fuel" mode and does not start the refueling process when the button is pressed. This appears to be a new bug in release 5.1 for Android

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#1 From @smartrace 31.07.2021, 09:31 Owner

Are you sure the car is recognized as "in the pit"? You can see whether thats the case by looking at the far right of the time table, there should be the yellow square flashing and the pit stop timer should be counting up.

#2 From @rexcadral 31.07.2021, 14:11

Smartrace announced that "[driver] is in the pit" but would not allow refueling. I tested this several times by re-entering the pit slowly, each time I got the "[driver] is in the pit" notification, but it would not refuel. I will test again later, but I have never seen this behavior before and received the 5.1 update yesterday.

#3 From @smartrace 01.08.2021, 13:00 Owner

Are you sure you're talking about version 5.1? Or rather version 5.2.1? Just to be sure.

Did you also check whether the yellow pit indicator keeps flashing after you entered the pits and stay stationary?

#4 From @smartrace 09.08.2021, 09:45 Owner

Please feel free to re-open with the requested information.

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