#15045 Replace pace car/ESC with Virtual Safety car

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From @rexcadral 17.09.2021, 04:12

In addition to hitting the VSC button in the race screen, pressing the ESC button on the command center should deploy the virtual safety car, set the car speeds, and start the countdown.

Also I would consider making the magic hand/touch feature possible to be either "emergency stop" or virtual safety car.

I find that when in a race, the VSC button can be a little hard to get to quickly, especially if my phone decides to turn its display off.

Thank you for your consideration, this app is really great.

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#1 From @smartrace 12.11.2021, 15:01 Owner

I currently don't think it's a good idea to re-map the ESC button. This button is taken 1:1 from the CU itself, where it has a very particular function. People expect it to do the same thing in SmartRace, too.

Besides that, there is already a button for the VSC. I'll admit that it can be hard to hit, but thats why I created the Race Control Center for SmartRace Connect, which has big colored buttons for every feature :-)


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