#15047 On Android, prevent the display from closing or locking the phone

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From @rexcadral 17.09.2021, 15:18

I have an android device where my company has set the auto-screen timeout feature. SmartRace still runs, and runs in screen-casting mode, but the phone itself blacks out the display and I have to press the power button to access the SmartRace screen on the phone to do things like pause the race.

I note that YouTube seems to be able to keep the display open indefinitely, and I'm hoping you could turn that feature on in SmartRace.

Thank you for your consideration

#1 From @smartrace 05.10.2021, 10:42 Owner

Hi there,

could you please let me know which device and which version of Android you're using? Thanks!


#2 From @rexcadral 05.10.2021, 18:42

Samsung Galazy Note 20 U, Android 11

#3 From @smartrace 11.10.2021, 11:24 Owner

Can you confirm that the screen blacks out when SmartRace is in visible in the foreground (meaning its visible on the screen, not running in the background)?

#4 From @rexcadral 11.10.2021, 14:47

Yes, confirm - although I should clarify: I am using "Samsung Smart Things" to broadcast SmartRace to a TV, and the TV always displays SmartRace and does not black out. The phone itself (and therefore the touchscreen) does black out while SmartRace is running when attached to the TV. I will test today to see if it blacks out when it is not connected to the TV.

#5 From @smartrace 13.10.2021, 20:40 Owner

Any news?

#6 From @rexcadral 13.10.2021, 23:46

Apologies, I have not had a chance to test.

#7 From @smartrace 26.10.2021, 11:31 Owner

Please feel free to re-open with any new info and if it indeed turns out to be a bug in SmartRace. :-)

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