#15077 IPad App Crashes

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From @Dale 17.10.2021, 05:42


Connecting iPhone to server crashes the iPad app. Steps:

- Smart Race App on iPad started

- Server Started

- iPhone connect (all options tried - scan, reconnect & IP)

- App on iPad crashes

- App on iPhone still running and two errors displayed

#1 From @smartrace 17.10.2021, 11:46 Owner

Hey Dale,

thanks for reporting this. It has actually already been reported in #15054 (in German though). The reason is a bug in iOS 15, which will crash the server (if a client with iOS 15 connects to it, regardless of the iOS 15 the server is running itself). I'm investigating ways to work around it, but it doesn't look good so far. I'll keep you posted.


#2 From @smartrace 19.10.2021, 09:23 Owner

The issue has been fixed and a new version of SmartRace Connect has been rolled out on the app store.

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