#15247 5&6 controllers won’t save driver and car assignments

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From @Tarnhold 11.01.2022, 21:18

When I assign controllers 5&6 to drivers and cars it won't save after a lap is completed it shows unassaigned on both 5&6 controllers. 1-4 controllers are fine. Even if i only assign 5 or 6 to a driver soon as they cross finish line it shows unassigned 

#1 From @smartrace 11.01.2022, 23:44 Owner
#2 From @smartrace 12.01.2022, 11:21 Owner

Hey Tim,

I just remembered we had a conversation about this via email some time ago. Is it the same issue again, but this time only for controllers 5 & 6, the others are working fine?


#3 From @smartrace 18.01.2022, 10:59 Owner

Any news on this, @tarnhold ?

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