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From @Rooivok 14.01.2022, 11:55

Hi Marc

I have some suggestion that can spice up the smartrace app and also improvements.

I also have no experience in code so the suggestions that won't be possible, please let me know.

I will try to group and number all the suggestions for ease.

1 check lane track pieces.

1.1 weather acourding to track sectors.

Example. Rain starts in sector 3, 3 laps later sector 3 and 2 and another 3 laps later the whole track rains. Same with when the rain stops. Sector 3 rain stopped 3 laps later sector 3 and 2 are dry another 3 laps later whole track is dry.

Pros on this.

1.1.1 It gives the idea that rain comes from a direction.

1.1.2  If sector 1 is mostly straights and sector 3 is mostly corners, the racer can decide what will be more beneficial for him on what sector he wants to have the more power.

1.1.3  Will give a beter understanding when and how the rain will stop.

1.1.4  Pits will be less congested.

1.2 auto vsc. If a car don't complete a sector in 3x his average sector time (time can be set manually by x times his average sector time plus a set time for when he needs to complete that sector. If this set time is reached, auto vsc gets cancelled and that driver gets a auto dnf and is out of the race), only that sector has a vsc (yellow flag) until he passes that sector, the auto vsc cancel automatically.


Car goes off track.

He runs to pick up car, he takes longer to put his car back on track than the set x times of his average sector time to complete that sector, auto vsc starts for that sector. It cancel the auto vsc when he passes that sector or set time is reached.

When auto vsc starts, the person that went off gets a "service" button highlighted on his connect app.

If he press the "service" button, the auto vsc also gets cancelled and he is safe from auto dnf.

This will give him time to clean tires, glue wing or go to the bathroom.

When he is done "servicing" his car he press "service" again, start from the pits and gets counted back in the race when passing the end of sector 1 lane cheak track piece with a voice reminder "player name is back in the race"

When a car is in the pits, sector 1 check for auto vsc does not apply for that driver in that lap.

Pros on this.

1.2.1 no need for everyone to stop the race because one guy went off and also forces the race to continue because of the max time set for auto dnf sector check.

1.2.2 it adds realistic crash conditions.

2 Fuel

Some of our tracks are 30m+ and we normally race 300laps. The previous race I did, I needed to pitt 44 times. That was a average of about a pit every 8 laps.

So this is just a idea.

But judging how you could implement the weather features, I think this idea could be possible.

You set the control board to fuel off and the app overwrites the control board.

2.1 On the app before a race, you set the track (that has a known length) and set the lap amount. The app calculate tank size with this info. Like carrera standard tank size x a calculated amount.

Example track is 30m long, 300 laps so carrera standard x 4 for tank size.

Add a feul setup function in the race setup.


Fuel off

Fuel on

Fuel real and be able to set the power in 33% increments. (100% fuel = 80% power, 66% fuel = 90% power and 33% fuel = 100%)

2.2 on the race setup drivers can set up a starting fuel amount in 33% increment like 100% 66% or 33%

Pros on this

2.1.1 long tracks with lots of laps, the pitstops will be considerably less. 44 vs like 11

2.1.2 different fuel levels will play a bigger role as the amount of laps with that fuel load (power level) will be a lot more.

2.2.1 drivers can then plan the race better, if they want a advantage in the start of the race.

2.2.2 pits will be less congested for everyones first pit stop.

3 Drive screen, widgets and general things that are connected.

3.1  When adding a car, give a option to assign an owner from your drivers list. So when you do controller assignments and at "select a car" there is a option to select own (only shows his cars) or loan (works like it is now)

3.2 give a "change car" option on the connect app. (Also with own or load option). So that you don't need to go back to controller assignment. Don't know if this is with the connect add on already as I don't have that yet.

3.3 when connected with connect app, when choosing driver, give a "Marshall" option.

This will be a person that doesn't race, but can stop the race, give penalty, start track wide vsc and deploy safety car.


Only the Marshall  can Click penalty button, click name and it's done.

3.4 each drive mode (free practice, qualifying and race) has its own pre setup screen. And add a lap chase mode. Basically record hunt on its own screen.

3.5 widgets.

The "record hunt" and "track record" give a opinion to choose "open" (works as is) or "category" (you choose from the pre setup categories.

This can either be done by a separate widget, interactive widget or auto if the controller assignment all has the same category cars if possible. If someone changes the car on connect app and it picks up a different category car, it automatically makes the category "open"

This is all the improvements that I can think of for now.

I thank you for reading everything and will like to hear about your feedback.

Sorry that this is in English as I am not German, I'm also not English so please keep that in mind.

Johan Marais


@carreradriver supports this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
#1 From @smartrace 14.01.2022, 13:45 Owner

Hi Johan,

wow, that is a lot of text. Thanks for taking the time to make all these suggestions. I'll certainly look into them, but since I'm pretty busy with a lot of other new features and ideas for SmartRace, it will probably take some time until I get back to you with some feedback. My apologies!


#2 From @rooivok 14.01.2022, 15:00

Hi Marc 

No need to apologise. It is all understandable 

As I have no knowledge of code or what carrera opens up for the control board to use, it will also be understandable if not all this mentioned features comes a reality. 


Atleast I tried to direct a direction what it think can work and explained what the benefits would be. Not just for you but also for the other users to see and think if it is something they would really want and need and not just support my ideas because it sounds cool. 


I also have other ideas but because it is for just a limited number of people's interest, I won't bother you with them. The ones that I did mention, I think would benefit the majority of users or pro club members. 


But just out of curiosity, what feature that I mentioned got you the most excited and what feature that I mentioned made you feel was most likely possible? 


Keep up the good work and the smartrace app works great as is. 


Johan Marais 


#3 From @carreradriver 17.02.2022, 10:31

Why I support this idea:

3.2 (car selection for driver in connect) catched me: I think I already menchioned this anywhere, but I realy would apreciate it, because often in the free practice new drivers test cars, so for the "race manager" it is at the beginning nearly impossible to drive, because I have to change the cars in SR very often..

1.2 (auto vsc according to sector time) would maybe also a idea for damages? Then it would be more accurate and faster, if you take the avarage sector (!) time (for this car) times a factor x (at the moment you have to select the minimal whole lap time, which is very inaccurate on my long track and also depends on the cars behavior, which has huge effects on the lap time in a big track, and so disadvantages bad cars, which are getting faster damages). So the user must only set a factor, which schould also be similar on each track…

And a few others are good ideas in my opinion, but I think there are alreade workarounds for one or two, or workarounds coming (e.g. #14104 for 2)…


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