#15450 The app doesn’t work after loading a home screen

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From @SMUT3R 24.02.2022, 11:58

Hello, yesterday evening I was driving with no issues. But today I turned on the app and it doesn't work. The background is white and any of the buttons can't be clicked. I tried to reinstall the app but nothing changed.

I am worried because I have there a lot of data which weren't backed up.

#1 From @smartrace 24.02.2022, 12:05 Owner

Hey there,

Unfortunately there is a bug in 5.5 which affects the "track record" race screen widget as well as the track records view in the track database. A fix for this issue is already on the way.

Until then, you can as a workaround delete the track record widget from the race screen and restart the app, it should then work fine again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


#2 From @smut3r 24.02.2022, 12:24

This is amazing. After this I've turned on the app again, and I found out I've lost most of my images, so I've created a new backup, loaded the old one to see which data I got there, and then the new backup record disappeared, so I've lost the last 2 months of my driving. 😫You got the most expensive Carrera app on the market and you aren't able to test it before deploying the new version. 😕Thank you very much

#3 From @smartrace 24.02.2022, 13:14 Owner

Hey there,

first of all, you're absolutely right. This shouldn't have happened and I apologize sincerely. Unfortunately bugs do appear from time to time and managing a huge code base can be a hard thing to do. :-(

Having said that, restoring a backup deletes all existing data in the app. The dialog asking for your confirmation when you try to restore a backup makes this very clear. This is why you should always export the backups you make to an external location, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or anywhere else where they are safe. SmartRace actually opens the export dialog for you when you create a backup.


#4 From @smartrace 24.02.2022, 13:19 Owner

One more thing: You should be able to find and restore the backup files in your devide, even if they are not visible in SmartRace. Use the "Files" app in iOS to navigate to the SmartRace folder, which should contain the backup .srbk files. 

Hope this helps.

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