#15510 Support for 2 finish lines

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From @ioques 02.03.2022, 14:05

With 2 finish lines it would be possible to use the second one to do split times.

It would also be possible to make 4-lane layouts to run 4 cars at the same time.

#1 From @smartrace 09.03.2022, 11:05 Owner

Hi there,

thats more a hardware issue. I don't think this is possible though. :-(


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#2 From @ioques 09.03.2022, 18:26

it is not an issue, it is a suggestion of development.

If the app had support for 2 finish lines you had a lot of new possibilities.In addition to the mentioned 4-lane layouts, and split times (with one finish line used only for time measure)it would be possible for instance, use one for start and other for finish line in non circular circuits, like rally stages or drag races.

#3 From @smartrace 09.03.2022, 18:54 Owner

Yes, I understand it's only a suggestion. I wanted to clarify that it's not something that I can implement into the app - the Go!!!+ hardware is just not meant to be used that way, so it's a hardware issue. :-)

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