#15529 Sharing of track records on MacOS error message

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From @jeroen 27.03.2022, 14:16

When trying to export track records using the share button this message pops up. Preview.app is the default app for opening PNGs. Choosing a different application which should be able to handle PNG files, eg Photoshop, doesn't do anything.

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#1 From @jeroen 11.04.2022, 11:46

Hello Marc,

this appears to happen for export of backups as well



#2 From @smartrace 05.06.2022, 14:57 Owner

Hey @jeroen 

does this still happen? I'm not sure whats wrong there - I didn't receive any complaints like this from other users nor can I reproduce this myself. :-(


#3 From @smartrace 09.06.2022, 15:40 Owner

Found the issue with exporting of the track records and other things and fixed it for the upcoming version.

The backups thing is actually different: If you want to open the backup, you need to pick a text editor and open the file with it. Should work.



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