#15572 track doesn’t stop after a race

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From @jlanton 19.04.2022, 18:52

If I deploy the pace car (with ESC button or the CU button) during a race, then the track doesn't stop after the event has finished and the cars continue running forever

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#1 From @smartrace 20.04.2022, 08:18 Owner

If the ESC button is still active (2 LEDs on on the CU), the automatic stop doesn't work. You need to retract the safety car first in order to use it. This is not a limitation of SmartRace, but of the CU unfortunately. :-(

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#2 From @jlanton 21.04.2022, 00:28

Even if I retract the pace car before the end of the race, the track keeps on after the race end and the app keeps counting laps

please try it

#3 From @smartrace 21.04.2022, 08:14 Owner

Just to be sure: Did you set "Disable track after event end" to "Yes" in Settings > Driving?

If thats's the case: Would you be able to record a short video of what exactly happens (with the video showing both the race screen and the Control Unit)? That would be very helpful in order to see whats going wrong. Thank you!

#4 From @jlanton 25.04.2022, 13:32

Yes, I set the proper config and retract the car BEFORE the last lap, in fact I deploy the pace car at the beginning and retracted immediately so see what happens and the result is the same: if you deploy the physycal pace car with CU button or with Smartrace ESC button, the track doesn't switch off and smart race continue counting laps.I can't show you in a video because it requiered to record at least 3 laps meaning a very long video (long track installed). But it is easy to check if you deploy a pace car in a 2 lap race and see what happens

in any case, I'll try to show in a video 

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#5 From @smartrace 27.04.2022, 08:33 Owner

I'm unfortunately not able to reproduce this on my end. This is what I do:

  • Set up and start a race
  • Do some laps
  • Deploy the SC (not the VSC)
  • Do more laps
  • Retract the SC
  • Finish the race
  • The track is switched off

If I don't retract the SC (= 2 LEDs on the CU), the track is not switched off, which is the expected behavior.


#6 From @jlanton 02.05.2022, 18:41

Hi, I tried to upload a video, but the 2mb limit prevents me to do it. I start a race with 2 cars and a pace car in the pit, after the race starts I deploy the SC with the CU button, right after I retract the SC, the CU goes from 2 leds to 1. The race continues but when the app announce the winner the track doesn't switch off and the ghost cars keeps running, same with manual controlled cars 

#7 From @smartrace 03.05.2022, 08:04 Owner

Ok, I see. Could you please send me a support request from within the app? Maybe It'll help to track down the issue. Thanks!

#8 From @jlanton 04.05.2022, 23:46


#9 From @smartrace 05.05.2022, 14:01 Owner

I didn't receive anything - are you sure it worked? You should have received a copy of your support request then.

#10 From @jlanton 05.05.2022, 14:05

I've done it again. I received a copy of the request. but I didn't attach anything (video, picture,....)


#11 From @smartrace 05.05.2022, 14:10 Owner

Thank you, it arrived now and I can see why you're experiencing the issue you described.

  • You've set "ignore safety car" to "no", which means that the safety car will appear on the time table when it crosses the line.
  • You've also set "when should races end" to "when all drivers finish their current lap". Since you've deployed the SC and it appeared on the time table, SmartRace will wait for the SC to finish it's current lap to end the race (which will never happen, since you retracted the SC already).

If you want to use the SC as a real SC (and not as an additional AI car), I'd suggest you set "ignore safety car" to "yes", then everything should work as expected.

Hope this helps.


#12 From @jlanton 05.05.2022, 14:13


thanks for letting me know. I assumed the SC haven't to finish the laps 

Looking forward to having more addons with more functionalities as described in the "suggest" area of the web :-)



#13 From @smartrace 05.05.2022, 14:14 Owner

👍 😊

#14 From @jlanton 05.05.2022, 14:20

did you have a chance to review what I proposed? 



what do you think of them?


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