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From @jlanton 19.04.2022, 18:55

Is there a way for the Pace car to be deployed automatically? for example, like the raining event, randomly the pace car is deployed and the speed is reduced, after the time specified in the config, the pace car is retracted. this will add more fun to the races as the different players have more chances to catch the leader. If tehre is a physical pace car in the track it could be deployed and start running for the time specified as well, adding more real fun 

@coyote_74 supports this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
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#1 From @smartrace 09.06.2022, 16:48 Owner


thanks for the idea. I currently don't think I'll implement this to be honest, since the ESC would have no real impact in a situation like this. It reduces the speed of every car, which did already happen because it started raining. So nothing would really happen.

If you wish to deploy a real SC in case of rain, you can do that by either using the Race Control Center in SmartRace Connect or the respective buttons in either SmartRace or on the Control Unit.

Hope that helps.


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#2 From @jlanton 09.06.2022, 17:43

ok, but I didn't meant to say that the SC should be deployed when it is raining, but randomly. The SC is deployed and retracted automatically without manual intervention and independently from the raining event



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