#15612 Car Assignments in Championship Races

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From @Davewolf1 06.05.2022, 05:38

Trying to find a way in championship races so I don't have to either either reprogram cars to different controllers or reassign cars before each race.

I like using the serial race option to rotate drivers between controllers. However, the car assignments are lost after each race. If I plan to keep the same cars mapped to each controller (example: Controller 1 always is mapped to the GT Porchse #69), is there a way to lock it in so I don't have to reset each time?

#1 From @smartrace 06.05.2022, 07:44 Owner

Hey Dave,

unfortunately this is not possible. The calculation for the serial races is based on shuffling the controllers and the cars, there is no way around that. I'm sorry. :-(


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