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From @Wiliam 16.06.2022, 04:17

The software seems to not allow me to purchase the add ons. Selecting the appropriate entry simply does nothing other than a clocking icon

#1 From @smartrace 17.06.2022, 16:02 Owner

Hey Bill,

would you be able to record a video of this, so I can see what happens? That would be great. You can send me the video as email to info@smartrace.de


#2 From @wiliam 17.06.2022, 16:35

Hi Marc,


After trying this a few times, maybe 6 or so, It finally populated and I was able to add on the only option available which was a recurring cost item. Once per year IIRC. This was different than what you indicated to me in an email. But while I might complain about the recurring cost I realize that your software is actually quite inexpensive considering what it offers.so not really a complaint. I'd just prefer the one time option.


Now on a related note, and not specifically a "bug" tjhe App Connect refuses to actually work. I do *NOT* think this is your software. I'm running this on a Chromebook and I suspect that it's a security problem with their OS. I have been 100% unsuccessful in resolving this and I've searched everywhere for a solution. I do know that the Network supports connections on ports in that range and all devices are on the same network. I've attempted this with three different wireless routers. The other available software that suppprts a similar feature does work. On a REAL Laptop though LOL. So again - this points to the Chromebook as being the problem. If I am successful in connecting this chromebook to a wall mounted smart TV ( I remain doubtful LOL) this will be much less of a problem. Another option *might* be if I were to be able to run your software on a Windows 10 Laptop. I do know that some apps do work in this manner.


So in closing this original issue has been resolved. If you are interested in some of these other issues we can continue this via email perhaps ?


Great Software !





#3 From @smartrace 20.06.2022, 07:59 Owner

Hey Bill,

yes, we can continue via mail if you prefer this - no problem. Maybe just some thoughts regarding your issues:

  • Add ons: There should be a tab "included features" in the add ons screen. If you open this tab, you see the add ons one by one and should be able to purchase them by tapping the shopping cart icon. You could cancel the subscription afterwards, although I of course appreciate the fact that you deem SmartRace worthy to spend the money on it. :-)
  • App Connect: I'm a bit confused to be honest. Are you referring to the Bluetooth AppConnect hardware from Carrera which doesn't work for you? Or do you mean SmartRace Connect? If you're talking about Bluetooth AppConnect, then you don't need to worry about wireless routers, since they don't have any effect on this. Sorry if I'm getting you wrong.
  • Windows: This is unfortunately very unlikely since the costs of porting SmartRace to Windows would be way too high. :-(



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