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From @rickrideout 22.06.2022, 02:42

With the new fuel simulator I have found that when you enter the pits the fuel, damage and tire change will automaticly happen without pressing the lane change button. There was no way to stop it from completing all the repairs at the same time. Tires were changed even though it wasn't raining.  (I had damage and weather set to on. If they are set to off then no changes were made but fuel still refills without pressing the lane change button.  I also attached a screen shot of an "Out of date" notice.  This wasn't an issue as the new version worked fine even with the notice.

#1 From @smartrace 22.06.2022, 12:14 Owner

Hey Rick,

thanks for your feedback. Actually everything you're describing is working as expected. With the lap time based fuel simulation the refueling happens automatically when you enter the pits.

For weather change and damages: This has always been this way. :-)


#2 From @rickrideout 22.06.2022, 15:20

Interesting. I have always had to hold the lane change button down to refuel.  I also felt to server a penalty you had to wait for the penalty to clear before refueling (pressing the button) or you would not clear the penalty if you started fueling before the penalty was completed.  Here is a video of how all of my versions of Smartrace has worked.  When I enter the pits the fuel gauge does not change until I hit the lane change button.  I can stop the fueling but releasing the button.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkUyzXKEXc8

#3 From @smartrace 22.06.2022, 15:23 Owner

Hey Rick,

what I said was that weather (= tire change) and damages (= repair) always worked like this (= done without pressing the lane change button). :-)

For the lap time based fuel simulation the refueling happens also without pressing the button (unlike the CU based fuel, where you have to press the button).

#4 From @rickrideout 22.06.2022, 15:42

Alright, I'm a bit disappointed with that change. I feel it would add to the realism (fun factor) if a penalty had to be cleared before you could start refueling.  But you have to do what you can do.  Thanks for the update.

#5 From @smartrace 22.06.2022, 16:01 Owner

Well, I'm sorry, I was only referring to the lane change button thing. For the penalties, it should still be the same: Refueling should only start after the penalty has been served. Can you confirm it's not like this at the moment?

#6 From @rickrideout 22.06.2022, 16:12

I'm not at my track right now, but when I tested pitting for fuel and with damage, a penalty and tire change, I believe all started at the same time.  I'll have to double check later to see if that is the case.

#7 From @rickrideout 23.06.2022, 16:58

Hey Marc.  After some quick testing late last night. ( And after purchasing a new iPad 9th generation, My older iPad would not run ApplesTestflight and I was testing the beta on my iPhone.) I found when pitting with a Penalty, Damage, Low Fuel and Weather set to on, that when entering the pits the Penalty and Tire change would automatically start counting. Once the penalty was cleared the fueling and repairs started counting but the tire change was still counting up. So it looks like the tire change is not waiting for the penalty to be cleared before it starts counting up. Which would be an issue if the tires were changed because the penalties plus fueling time were greater than the time set for the tire change. But the fuel and repairs are waiting for the penalty to clear before starting their count down. I still miss having to hold the button down to refuel, but I'm not sure it's necessary to hold the button. It just feels like we're not a part of the refueling process anymore. (Maybe that can be an option in the Fuel Simulation. :-)  I look forward to doing more testing during the week because there we're a couple of things I noticed that I want to test more. Like when leaving the pits (My start/finish is after the pits) I would hear "I was leaving the pits" twice (Once when leaving the pits and again when crossing the start/finish line) and the fuel would drop a few percentage when leaving the pits but then go back to 100 percent when I crossed the start/finish line.  So I'm not sure if that's something I can recreate again or not on the new iPad. It wasn't the best situation testing on my iPhone since I couldn't use my older iPad to test with. So more testing is needed. But overall the new fuel simulator is easy to understand and adjust, and on the most part is working as I had hoped.  Thanks Marc. 

#8 From @smartrace 23.06.2022, 18:11 Owner

Thanks Rick, I'm glad you like to so far. The thing where the fuel went back to 100% when you crossed the finish line sounds like a bug. If you find this to be reproducable, it would be great if you give some more insight on how you did it so I can check it on my end.

Unfortunately there is no way the software can detect the lane change button. This would be great since all sorts of great features could come out of this, but Carrera won't allow it. This is why the new fuel simulation has to work without it. :-(


#9 From @rickrideout 24.06.2022, 02:54

Here's a video that shows the repairs being completed before the penalty is served.  (Which may be how you planned it but I would think the repairs should wait for the penalty to end before starting)  The fuel and tire change are waiting for the penalty to be served before starting. Which is good.  Also when I leave the pits the fuel gauge drops to 92% then goes back to 100% causing the audio to repeat "Rick is leaving the pits)  There are times it does not go back to 100% and stays at the lower percentage and does not repeat the audio. Let me know if you need more info.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u8HuNqUCqA

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#10 From @smartrace 11.07.2022, 17:18 Owner

Thanks, this has been fixed for the next beta: Reparing damages will now wait for penalties to be served.

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