#15728 Beta Test Spritverbrauch nach Rundenzeit – Manchmal geht Tanken nicht mehr

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From @steisslinger 27.06.2022, 12:09

Bei mir kam es jetzt schon ein paar mal vor, dass das Tanken nicht mehr funtioniert hat.
Bei der Einfahrt in die Box wurde der Tankstand nicht mehr erhöht.
Erst ein Neustart von SmartRace hat das Problem behoben.

Wie sich das Reproduzieren lässt habe ich noch nicht herausgefunden.

#1 From @rickrideout 29.06.2022, 01:10

When this happened to me I found that the grid lights had one red light in the center.  (See attached photo, The grid lights are at the bottom with one red light on.) I was able to make laps and use fuel but when I entered the pits I could not get more fuel.  I needed to press the Start button (On the SmartRace App) to get the grid lights to go green.  Once the grid lights were green then I was able to refuel.  This might be what happened to you. 

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#2 From @smartrace 29.06.2022, 14:45 Owner

Kannst Du das bestätigen, @steisslinger ?

#3 From @steisslinger 29.06.2022, 17:45

Nein, da ich den Zustand mit einem grid light nicht hin bekomme.

#4 From @rickrideout 29.06.2022, 17:50

I believe I got that condition after we finished a race then went back to practice and forgot to press the start button.

#5 From @rickrideout 30.06.2022, 05:54

Marc,  I think I found a bug or at least an issue.  In free practice press the start button so that you get the countdown to green. (Everything works as normal) In the quick links widget press the Reset button and then press Confirm. At this point the grid lights are not visible. At this time you can drive a car around the track and as soon as it crosses the start/finish line or a check lane the grid light appears with one red light in the center.  You can continue making laps and you will see your lap times update and fuel gauge go down but when you enter the pits it does not register that your in the pits and you can not get fuel. (the one red grid light is still on)  As soon as you press the Start button you get the countdown to green and then you can refuel again and things are back to normal. 

#6 From @smartrace 30.06.2022, 07:24 Owner

Thanks Rick, I'll look into it.

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#7 From @smartrace 11.07.2022, 17:11 Owner

Will be fixed in the next beta. Thanks for your insights, guys!

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