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From @rickrideout 28.06.2022, 20:04

A group of us spent 4 hours testing and racing with the new fuel simulator last night.  The refueling during pit stops without holding the button ended up not being that big of an issue.  Even short pitting and leaving the pits under light throttle didn't allow anyone to continue receiving fuel once they left the pits. (That we noticed) We were running 1/32 with no magnets at 70% speed. So that issue that I had before didn't really become a problem during practice and racing.  At one point during practice no one was able to refuel and we thought we found a bug, but we realized the start command had not been pressed and the system was in standby mode.  Once the start button was pressed and the countdown to green started we all received fuel.  The fuel usage between all of the cars was working well and looked about right to us.  Those that were running a bit faster than the reference lap were using more fuel and those running a bit slower had more fuel, so that looked reasonable to us. It wasn't a huge difference but maybe one extra lap per tank full. One thing that I picked up on is that the fuel is calculated (updated) at the start finish line.  So I was aware of that and could get down to about 2% fuel before pitting because I knew it was going to stay at 2% until the next time I crossed the line, so I would pit on that last lap just before crossing the line.  I have two of the check lanes installed so that I have 3 sectors.  Is an option possible for the fuel to be updated at each check lane? That would prevent being able to run a full lap so close to empty if so. During one of the races I had a lap not counted which put me a lap down but I had one more lap of fuel than the other drivers. During a caution I was able to edit and correct my laps but I didn't see a way to reduce my fuel load so I don't know if that is possible or not.  Which would be another good reason for each check lane to update the fuel.  My fuel load wouldn't have been a full lap off from the others.  (If possible)

Overall I think it was a successful test run.  We didn't have any software crashes or any reason to have to stop due to an issue with the fuel. None of the drivers felt they got shorted on fuel or had to pit a lot more than someone else, which was the case with the original fuel calculations.  

On a side note that's not really related to the beta,  I find the light gray numbers on the sliders hard to see. (See attached) The white background and then the light gray number isn't all that easy to see.  Any chance you can make that light gray a darker color like black or a darker gray?  Just asking. ;-)

Thank's Marc.

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#1 From @smartrace 29.06.2022, 09:48 Owner

Thanks a lot Rick, thats great feedback. I really appreciate it!

Some thought on what you mentioned:

  • Laps which are added manually (either by editing the lap count or by having a lap added automatically throught the missed laps detection) are not considered for fuel usage right now. I'm going to change this.
  • Having the fuel updated in each sector is actually a great idea. I rather see this as a future improvement, but I've already got some ideas how this could work. It will not be part of the first release though.
  • I'll change the coloring on the sliders to improve the readability, thanks for mentioning it.


#2 From @smartrace 29.06.2022, 14:57 Owner

Hey Rick,

I'm preparing a new beta which will feature the following changes:

  • Lap time can now be configured in 0.1s steps (before 1s steps)
  • The impact of faster/slower laptimes can now be configured (default 100%, up to 200%)
  • The font coloring on the sliders has been adapted
  • Manually updating laps (either through the time table or through the missing laps detection) will now update fuel accordingly.

The new beta should arrive within the next 1-2 days. I'll send an update via kickstarter.


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#3 From @rickrideout 29.06.2022, 15:44

Great!  Looking forward to it.



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